Wolfey Family

Jan 25

I love love love family sessions, I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m getting older and now we have a babe of our own, but getting to run around and photograph families gives me such a refreshing little burst of energy and joy, and the Wolfeys were no exception. I mean, come on, look at them, how cute are they?! These parents + their kiddos had me smiling every minute. :) Enjoy this lovely fall session!

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Eric and Nicole are married!

Jan 22

From their engagement session at Lincoln Park to their wedding day at Cuneo mansion, we’ve loved having Eric and Nicole as clients, they are SO much fun to hang out with! Their big day was packed with old school romance and the sweeping grandeur of a huge estate, I just couldn’t get enough. Congrats, E & N, y’all are the best!

EricNicoleMarriedblog-1 EricNicoleMarriedblog-2 EricNicoleMarriedblog-3 EricNicoleMarriedblog-4 EricNicoleMarriedblog-5 EricNicoleMarriedblog-6 EricNicoleMarriedblog-7 EricNicoleMarriedblog-8 EricNicoleMarriedblog-9 EricNicoleMarriedblog-10 EricNicoleMarriedblog-11 EricNicoleMarriedblog-12 EricNicoleMarriedblog-13 EricNicoleMarriedblog-14 EricNicoleMarriedblog-15 EricNicoleMarriedblog-16 EricNicoleMarriedblog-17 EricNicoleMarriedblog-18 EricNicoleMarriedblog-19 EricNicoleMarriedblog-20 EricNicoleMarriedblog-21 EricNicoleMarriedblog-22 EricNicoleMarriedblog-23 EricNicoleMarriedblog-24 EricNicoleMarriedblog-25 EricNicoleMarriedblog-26 EricNicoleMarriedblog-27 EricNicoleMarriedblog-28 EricNicoleMarriedblog-29 EricNicoleMarriedblog-30 EricNicoleMarriedblog-31 EricNicoleMarriedblog-32 EricNicoleMarriedblog-33 EricNicoleMarriedblog-34 EricNicoleMarriedblog-35 EricNicoleMarriedblog-36 EricNicoleMarriedblog-37 EricNicoleMarriedblog-38 EricNicoleMarriedblog-39 EricNicoleMarriedblog-40 EricNicoleMarriedblog-41 EricNicoleMarriedblog-42 EricNicoleMarriedblog-43 EricNicoleMarriedblog-44 EricNicoleMarriedblog-45 EricNicoleMarriedblog-46 EricNicoleMarriedblog-47 EricNicoleMarriedblog-48