Alex and Kerry are engaged!

Apr 23

Our great city of Chicago never ceases to amaze me. There’s fun things to do and beautiful sights to see everywhere you turn, but my favorite thing to do is just walk around and marvel at the beautiful buildings. I am a huge history nerd, so when Alex and Kerry¬†mentioned that they could get us into the Rookery building on an off-day where we’d have the place to ourselves… I basically flipped out. The gorgeous craftsmanship and detail of this building astounds me, and it’s the perfect backdrop for these guys! Alex and Kerry are such a beautiful couple, they look so timeless and classic! We had a great time walking around the Rookery & the west loop with them. Congrats A & K!

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Brady and Molly are engaged! Spring is here!

Apr 15

This week may have been super lame when it comes to weather (snow in April? are you kidding me?!), but we’ve had some beautiful days this month, beautiful enough to jump into some awesome engagement sessions to kick this spring off at KMP!

We explored downtown Glen Ellyn with Brady and Molly, who are just the cutest couple ever (seriously). The Millers have been friends with Molly’s family for a long while, so it was an absolute pleasure to get some engagement shots in with them before their wedding this month! Congrats, B & M :)

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