Perrine Family

Feb 23

When I got an email from the Perrines letting me know that they loved architecture and wanted something a little different than your typical family photos, I knew I would just love having a session with these guys. And any family who knows exactly what I mean when I say “give me your best Wes Anderson movie pose” and is totally excited about it gets so many bonus points in my book (see last photo) :) Thanks Perrine family!

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Chris and Lauren are Married!

Feb 18

We were immediately so comfortable with Chris and Lauren, and after our engagement session with them, we couldn’t wait to hang out with them again on their big day! Two of our brides this last season were in each other’s weddings, so we got to see this fabulous couple twice! It was so much fun. These guys are easygoing and just so lovely to be around. Congrats C & L!

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