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Chet and Andrea Are Enaged

7 Nov

This next one is special to us. Joel (and his twin Alan) have been best friends with Chet since they were in 6th grade. After high school Chet moved to California to go to college. Not very long after the Millers also moved to Los Angeles area, so they had the opportunity to be friends in two states. Last year Chet met Andrea. We had been planning on hosting Chet back here in IL for a visit as he still lives in CA and it happened to perfectly coincide with their recent engagement! We loved the chance to catch up with Chet, meet Andrea (who is lovely and totally perfect for Chet) and shoot photos of them.

If you can’t tell they are very much in love and just happy to be together. We cannot wait to see them grow together even more and be a light to their friends and family! We love you both!!

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Ace and Abbi are engaged!

15 Sep

Back in the days when the weather was still summery (wait, wasn’t that just a few days ago?), we had a fun, warm summer evening session with Ace and Abbi. I knew we would get along these two when Abbi started sharing her love for all things Doctor Who (YES!), and brought along a sonic screwdriver to their engagement shoot. We are so pumped to capture their wedding next year! Congrats A & A!

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