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Ace and Abbi are engaged!

15 Sep

Back in the days when the weather was still summery (wait, wasn’t that just a few days ago?), we had a fun, warm summer evening session with Ace and Abbi. I knew we would get along these two when Abbi started sharing her love for all things Doctor Who (YES!), and brought along a sonic screwdriver to their engagement shoot. We are so pumped to capture their wedding next year! Congrats A & A!

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Vivek and Kristen are engaged!

15 Aug

We met up with Kristen and Vivek on a Sunday in Old Town for their engagement session, and WOW was it the perfect morning! Not only was the north side at it’s beautiful best, but we ran into the Doughnut Vault truck when we first set off! I’ve been looking out for that truck for such a long time, it was so awesome (Georgia peach doughnut, anyone?). I love all the couples that we get to meet through what we do, it was so lovely walking around the neighborhood with these two, talking about film, cameras, and enjoying this city at its best! Congrats V & K!

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