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Perrine Family

23 Feb

When I got an email from the Perrines letting me know that they loved architecture and wanted something a little different than your typical family photos, I knew I would just love having a session with these guys. And any family who knows exactly what I mean when I say “give me your best Wes Anderson movie pose” and is totally excited about it gets so many bonus points in my book (see last photo) :) Thanks Perrine family!

PerrineFamilyblog-1 PerrineFamilyblog-2 PerrineFamilyblog-3 PerrineFamilyblog-4 PerrineFamilyblog-5 PerrineFamilyblog-6 PerrineFamilyblog-7 PerrineFamilyblog-8 PerrineFamilyblog-9 PerrineFamilyblog-10 PerrineFamilyblog-11

Crosby Family

10 Feb

I shot Casey and Haley’s wedding, and we’ve done a session with them once a year since! I love this little tradition, it is SO much fun seeing them every fall. Little Tessa is a new addition since last year, isn’t she sweet? I love seeing our clients’ families grow! :)

CrosbyFamily-1 CrosbyFamily-2 CrosbyFamily-3 CrosbyFamily-4 CrosbyFamily-5 CrosbyFamily-6 CrosbyFamily-7 CrosbyFamily-8 CrosbyFamily-9 CrosbyFamily-10 CrosbyFamily-11 CrosbyFamily-12 CrosbyFamily-13 CrosbyFamily-14 CrosbyFamily-15 CrosbyFamily-16 CrosbyFamily-17 CrosbyFamily-18