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Ben and Lauren are married, Happy 2014!

17 Feb

Hey friends, it’s been awhile!

We finished out 2013 strong with lots of fun portrait sessions and a great holiday season, and 2014 is already going strong without much to note, except snow, snow, and more snow! Is everyone tired of it yet? I personally go through phases, from still thinking it’s magical to being completely over it, and I think we’re all excited for spring to arrive. But on the up side, getting to photograph this time of year makes for some bright, cheery photos because of that blanket of white, and that’s certainly true for Ben and Lauren.

These two had an awesomely intimate little ceremony with just parents, a judge, and their adorable little girl (who’s going to be a sister soon!) at Adelle’s here in Wheaton. It was so, so special… and we had just enough time to pop over to a Wheaton institution – popcorn shop. Don’t you just love Lauren’s blue dress & fur wrap combo? LOVE! Congrats B & L! :)

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Steve and Shannon are married!

22 Nov

Hey friends! I’ve been scurrying around getting tons of things done for holiday deadlines, but I wanted to stop and share this beautiful north side wedding with you! Steve and Shannon went all out for the big day, and all their hard work obviously paid off… the personal touches made it amazing from start to finish. But more importantly, check out all the smiling faces and happy tears. :) These families and friends are a tight-knit bunch, and we couldn’t have been happier to see this beautiful day unfold. Congrats S & S!

(PS – Cafe Brauer! Let’s talk about how amazing this space is, and how by the 1940′s the great hall was used to learn ballroom dancing. Someone please zap me back to that time period, thanks)