Our little Jane

Feb 12

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my little world that I forget to capture milestones in our personal lives with our pro gear… oh the irony! I just love my iPhone camera a bit too much, I think. Taking care of an infant can be crazy (especially one who’s got a bad case of colic, I know there are some moms out there who feel me!), so before I knew it, Jane was all of the sudden 7 weeks old the other day and our attempts at capturing her with our fancy cameras have been spotty, at best. So I did a quick little shoot with some beautifully knit pieces that a family friend made for us (thank you Bridget!) and got a bit of indifference, smiling, extreme side-eye, and of course, meltdown mode.

We love this little girl. :)

Jane7Weeksblog-1 Jane7Weeksblog-2 Jane7Weeksblog-3 Jane7Weeksblog-4 Jane7Weeksblog-5 Jane7Weeksblog-6 Jane7Weeksblog-7 Jane7Weeksblog-8 Jane7Weeksblog-9

Crosby Family

Feb 10

I shot Casey and Haley’s wedding, and we’ve done a session with them once a year since! I love this little tradition, it is SO much fun seeing them every fall. Little Tessa is a new addition since last year, isn’t she sweet? I love seeing our clients’ families grow! :)

CrosbyFamily-1 CrosbyFamily-2 CrosbyFamily-3 CrosbyFamily-4 CrosbyFamily-5 CrosbyFamily-6 CrosbyFamily-7 CrosbyFamily-8 CrosbyFamily-9 CrosbyFamily-10 CrosbyFamily-11 CrosbyFamily-12 CrosbyFamily-13 CrosbyFamily-14 CrosbyFamily-15 CrosbyFamily-16 CrosbyFamily-17 CrosbyFamily-18