Vivek and Kristen are engaged!

Aug 15

We met up with Kristen and Vivek on a Sunday in Old Town for their engagement session, and WOW was it the perfect morning! Not only was the north side at it’s beautiful best, but we ran into the Doughnut Vault truck when we first set off! I’ve been looking out for that truck for such a long time, it was so awesome (Georgia peach doughnut, anyone?). I love all the couples that we get to meet through what we do, it was so lovely walking around the neighborhood with these two, talking about film, cameras, and enjoying this city at its best! Congrats V & K!

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just a little Miller announcement

Aug 9

Hey friends! We don’t often get a chance to talk about ourselves on here, because life is so full of awesome clients and portraits and weddings, but this summer has brought so many changes to our household, that we just can’t help but give a little shoutout to all the fun craziness in our lives!


We bought our first house a few weeks ago, it’s from the late 1800’s and it’s totally a crazy dream come true. We drove by this place 2 years ago and geeked out over it, and then came to the conclusion that “there’s no way we’ll ever be able to snag a cool house like that”. Haha! Our last few weeks have been full of painting, fixing, replacing, moving, boxes, and general insanity. We are so ridiculously grateful and we’re not taking this blessing for granted!


Doc is… still Doc. Look at that guy. He sleeps all day and then acts like it’s the best thing in the world when people come to visit. What a face.

MillerAnnounceblog-3 MillerAnnounceblog-4

And finally… we are so totally having a baby! WHAAAAAT?! At 20 weeks along, little Miller is due at the end of December, the gender is going to be a surprise, and we are all of excited/nervous/pumped/anxious/thrilled to be jumping into this crazy adventure of being parents. I guess when the Millers decide to go for life changes, it’s go big or go home! So bananas. We can’t wait. :) (thanks Alan & Noel for the photos!)

Otherwise, things are going full-steam here at KMP! We’re in a mad dash of weddings, portraits, and editing, and we are so excited to show you all that we’ve been capturing in the last weeks, and all the awesome clients yet ahead. Thanks for reading about our little corner of the world, happy weekend!