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Meghan, Jake, and Claire, a little family sesh!

13 Feb

I love love love going to clients’ homes to capture them in their natural element. When I look back on my own family pictures, I am always the most fascinated by the shots that aren’t pose-y or in a studio, but the ones of me crawling around with my old toys, in the homes we lived in or the backyards we ran around in. Lifestyle photos are the best! That’s why this little winter session with Meghan & Jake and their precious daughter Claire is just so awesome… they’ll get to look back and see her nursery, her adorable little jeans, her favorite chair… I’m excited to share a few of my favorites from that day! :)





























Winter season personals: Apple Picking

17 Jan

All’s quiet on the blog front… the winter off-season is in full effect here at KMP! There may not be as many weddings in the cold weather, but I’m still working away on albums, wedding-scheduling, and even the occasional cold-weather portrait session. But that makes for one lonely blog!

So I thought I’d liven it up around here with a personal post, just for the fun of it. Often-times I get so focused on the work that needs to be done that I totally let any and all personal fun photos fall through the cracks of editing, so I pulled up this fun day and got to relive my favorite fall activity: apple picking! It’s a Miller family tradition that has grown in number as we’ve added new family & friends, so this year we had a full crew headed to the orchards for delicious apples. But perhaps our favorite part of the day is when it’s time to go to the main barn for bratwurst, cider doughnuts, smoked cheese, and fresh apple cider (what can we say? We love food!). What are your favorite family traditions?


Our niece Indy goes crazy over apples!









Love this guy. :)


Okay guys, serious like a Wes Anderson movie. Go.

Nailed it!

I have dreams about these doughnuts.






 Now I have to wait a whole year to do this again! Best. day. ever. :)