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Dennis and Kate are engaged!

13 Dec

You know what is my favorite? When a couple is like, “I want you to shoot our engagement photos!” and I’m all, “of COURSE I will shoot your engagement photos!” and then they’re like, “we will do whatever you want, do your creative thing!” and then I’m like, “you are awesome.”¬†And that’s pretty much what happened during this session at Herrick: we trudged through dense bushes, threw leaves, and ran down hills, all for the sake of capturing these two in love! Dennis and Kate are two excited, all-smiling, happy people who love each other to pieces and are just a joy to be around — what more could you ask for? :)
































Jamie and Jamie are married!

20 Jun

Awhile back, I told you about a fabulous couple who share the same name — Jamie! They are amazing amazing people who are some of my biggest cheerleaders. Whenever they share kind words and encouragement, it makes my WEEK, so I’m excited to share a few snaps of their special day! Expect: laughing, sunshine, cowboy boots, vintage family photographs, mustaches… and drinking from a giant champagne glass (YES!).